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      400 860 2003

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      About us
      Integrity makes Linsen win the world with quality
      Founded in 2003, Linsen purification is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, design, manufacturing and sales. It is a brand product in Suzhou. The main products are all kinds of composite color steel plates, clean doors and windows, filters, purification equipment, etc.
      After hard work, the company has now developed into a well-known domestic cleaning system solution provider with three branches (Hubei Branch, Tianjin branch and Sichuan Branch), one wholly-owned subsidiary (Suzhou feisener Purification Technology Co., Ltd.) and One Overseas Center( Line-Link Purification Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd). It is committed to becoming an influential enterprise in the global clean system.
      Linsen purification has a highly skilled technical R & D team; There are many production workshops such as manual panels, doors and windows, sheet metal, filters, etc; The company adopts Italian Prima power sheet metal flexibility production line, double-layer window production line, CNC automatic composite color steel plate production line, laser cutting, automatic welding machine and other equipment for production, and strictly implements the lean production management process.
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        Purification plate door and window manufacturing center
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        Filtration and purification equipment manufacturing center
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        Offshore trade center
      Love science and technology, quality first, perseverance
      All Linsen employees have the goal of working together, learn and grow under pressure and have the courage to accept challenges. Through the unremitting efforts of the whole company to complete the mission and achieve customer satisfaction with our service!
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      Customer centered and market-oriented development direction
      With market innovation, scientific and technological innovation, product innovation and service innovation, the company keeps pace with the times and continues to build a purification enterprise with unique core competitiveness.
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      400 860 2003
      Address: No. 2468, Jinzhou Road, FenHu hi tech Zone, Wujiang, Suzhou
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